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Local & Loyal

The Southern Haberdashery & Provisions Co. is not just a's the Southern way! It means dressing your best when the time calls for it and dressing for functionality when needed, all while being comfortable in the clothes you're wearing. Being from the South and having traveled all over, we appreciate the Southern way of life. From the "you're always welcome" hospitality to the amazing food, we love it here. We appreciate how hard work is valued and manners are instilled in us from birth. These are a few of the reasons we chose to move back to our hometown of Oneonta, Alabama and open our shop.


We are passionate about what we do and loyal to the people and community who support us. When you come in our shop, you will always be welcomed with a smile and see a few pictures of our dogs. They remind us of the loyalty, goodness, and love for life that we should all strive to attain.

We look forward to getting to know you!


Owners Joel & Beth McCay

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